Artist Merchandise Page (AMP) Info

So you've come to see what entails having an Artist Merchandise Page (AMP), awesome! There's quite a bit that goes into making sure your fans have a trusted way of viewing, choosing and ordering your merchandise. 

We've taken care of all the hard work and we're ready to work with you on your page.

We can provide you with an artist store via our in-house fulfillment service, drop-shipping service or a combination of both. 

How do they work?

See below for details and/or e-mail us at with any inquiries. 


We're an established North American merchandising fulfillment center located in Jupiter, Florida and Stamford, Connecticut. Here to provide you with an easy merchandising outlet catering to your online store & tour merchandise. 

ONLINE STORE - Regardless where your merchandise comes from, we can fulfill it for you. We charge a one-time $25.00 USD Store set-up fee and then only take a percent (%) commission on any item sold from your online store. Let's keep it simple.

NO LIMIT to quantity of items made available on your store. You got it, we can make it available. 

TOUR MERCHANDISE - When you need merchandise for your North American tour, we can provide it for you at really competitive prices. We can warehouse and fulfill any left over merchandise once the tour is over and handle all the arrangements for you. 

SCREEN PRINTING & MORE - Want to make new items available on your store or for an upcoming tour? We can handle that for you, e-mail us with what you're looking for and we will provide you with a simple quote. 

INTERNATIONAL BANDS (Outside of USA & Canada) - Send your merchandise direct to one of our fulfillment centers. We can handle it from here and ship you what you need when you arrive for tour. Couldn't get any easier and stress free. 


If you have existing merchandise and want to avoid shipping costs to one of our fulfillment centers, we offer Drop-Shipping* for your online store. Here, you handle the merchandise inventory and we make the process really easy. Here's how we do it:

1. You tell us which designs you have available and how many you have on hand.

2. We'll provide you with a paid shipping label so you can mail us one of each design. We'll use the samples to take product photos for the website. You just need to print the label, pack it up and ship it off. 

3. When we receive the samples, we'll have them modeled and photographed, your Artist Page created and you'll be ready to go!

4. When a fan purchases an item, you will be notified and we'll send you the invoice plus shipping label for the order within 24 business hours. 

5. You print the invoice and shipping label, pack it up and ship it off!

We'll help you keep track of your inventory. But it'll be the artists responsibility to make sure they keep their physical inventory up-to-date so we can properly fulfill customer orders and keep the fans happy!

If you'd rather pay a few bucks to ship us your inventory and have us handle EVERYTHING - We're happy to do it! See MERCH FULFILLMENT guideline. 

*Limited to continental United States